AEA HP 9mm Terminator user manual

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WARNINGS Never fill this rifle with anything else other than regular air. Never fill this rifle with air mixed with oil and water, and it will cause unexpected exploding and serious injuries. Never attempt to disassemble this rifle while it is charged. Never fire the rifle when it is empty of air or when air tank and cylinder are removed. Never point the rifle at anyone, or allow anyone to point a rifle at you. Treat every rifle as if it is loaded even if you know it is not loaded. Always carry the rifle so that the direction of the muzzle is under control. Always be sure of your target and what lies behind it before firing. Never leave a loaded rifle unattended. Beware of targets that tend to cause ricochets. It is recommended that eye protection is worn when charging the rifle. Always be caution when operating this rifle. Learn and obey the laws in your region. Be responsible in your use of this rifle. You are obliged to inspect air tanks or cylinders according to the instructions on the tank or cylinder.

Failure to obey these instructions could result in serious personal injury or  damage to the gun.
Fill Probe
10 shots magazine
OPERATING THE SAFETY ON SAFE Locate the safety in front of trigger. Push the safety towards to trigger to put safety on (“S” indicates “safe”).
OFF SAFE Push the safety forward away from trigger to put safe  off (“F” indicates “Fire”). The rifle is ready to be fired.

OPERATIONS FILLING THE AIR RIFLE Warning: Always use only dry-filtered, compressed air in this air gun. Never use other gases such as oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, etc. This can cause a fire or explosion that may result in serious injury or death. Disconnecting the fill hose from the air gun without bleeding the air first may result in injury from the hose whip as a result of pressure in the fill hose. Connect the rear air tank with the gun through the adapter. Turn it clockwise until it stops.
FILLING THE AIR TANK Remove the end cap from the air gun charging connector. Connect the fill probe on the adapter's hose. Insert into the hole to fill the air to the rifle. Slowly open the valve on your recharging station or compressor. And start filling the gun slowly. Filling too quickly will cause heat buildup that can affect accuracy of the fill pressure. Watch the gauge on the air gun until the desired pressure is reached (17-25 MPA/2,500-3,600 psi). Allow a few minutes for the pressure to “settle” and then top up if required. Turn the valve off when the desired fill pressure is reached. Bleed the fill hose completely to avoid hose whip from pressure in the fill hose. Disconnect the tank's fill hose from the air gun. Replace the end cap back to the air tube. Notice:Before attaching the rear air tank to the air gun, make sure air gun is unloaded, not cocked and safety is on. Do not use any other gas than clean, dry compressed air. Others than this will void warranty. This air gun is designed to use at  pressure between 17-25 MPA/ 2,500-3,600 psi depending on how the user adjust (tune) the gun to work
LOADING THE RIFLE Warning:Be certain that magazine and pellet you use is in proper caliber for the air gun Use only soft lead pellet. Never re-use pellets. Review the entire manual, including the section on Safety, before firing your air gun. LOADING THE MAGAZINE
 .357 cal.10 shots magazine
12x3 mm. magnet on the magazine
12x5 mm. magnet on the air gun
Notice:Use only the magnets supplied or recommended by manufacturer. Check the magnetic poles (positive, negative) of the magnets first before install it into the magazine and air gun. They must be opposite pole to hold both parts together. Use high strength industrial (high pressure) glue or epoxy only. Let the glue dry completely. Follow all the package direction. Push the cover counter-clockwise against the spring tension until it come to on its own, the first pellet hole will aligned perfectly. Turn the magazine upside down. and drop the first pellet (skirt first) in the first slot. Turn the magazine, the clear cover up and now start turn the cover clockwise to fill the pellets in each holes until full . Now you can insert the magazine into the rifle's slot. Make sure your air gun in “on safe” and pointed in a safe direction. Pull the bolt back to the coked position. With the cover of the magazine facing the butt of the air gun, insert the magazine and push it inward until snaps in to place. Push the bolt forward and latch to latch to chamber a pallet. The air gun now ready to fire.

MAGAZINE INSERTION Pull the bolt back to the rear position (to cock the air gun). Pull the magazine out of the receiver. Always check the magnets of both magazine and air gun, make sure they stay in place. If the magnet on the air gun moves or come off, when you re-insert magazine and fire the air gun, the bolt hitting will cause the damage on the cover of magazine. Un-cocks the air gun for safety storage. UN-COCKING In the event you are finished shooting, remove the magazine and un-cocks the air gun for storing or servicing. Point the air gun in a safe direction. Take the air gun “off safe”. Pull the bolt back the rear position.

While firmly holding the bolt in the rear position, pull the trigger. Continue to hold the trigger back while sliding the bolt forward to the latched position. Release the trigger. Put the air gun on “on safe”. The air gun is now ready for storing.

CLEANING AND STORAGE CLEANING Keep the rifle clean and wipe it off with regular gun-oil and a cloth occasionally. We recommend that you use cleaning pellets occasionally. These you can use without the risk of damaging the barrel. Warning: Never use chemicals or water to clean the rifle. STORAGE Store dry and dark place if it is possible. Preferable stored pressurized. Warnings: Keep away from sunlight as this might damage o-rings and anodizing. High humidity might cause corrosion if not treated correctly. Never store the rifle loaded with pellets.

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