About Us

We Only Do The Best!!!


AEA Precision Air Gun Company is a new professional air gun manufacturer.
We've been thinking about how to bring new experiences to air gun players around the world. It's not only about new models every year, but also
about bringing new experiences from our products. That's really meaningful innovation.
We have a strong research and development team, all of them are engineers with years of hunting and shooting experience, because we firmly
believe that only users can really understand the demands of consumers. We deeply understand the limits of our industry, and know how to
break through these limits.
Our products are not confined to competing with similar styles in the air gun market. It's not only just a balance of price and quality, but also for
unprecedented performance.
Under this concept, we will always be innovative. AEA is not only a new air gun brand as you know, it's a totally new air gun world!