ONNAIS Gun Safe - Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Quick-Access Handgun Safe

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ONNAIS Gun Safe - Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Quick-Access Handgun Safe Fire
  • Fingerprint Gun Safe: Quick-access gun safe is absolutely important for a family. No matter to protect your handguns from your kids or just to keep them safe from unwanted visitors. It's responsible to store them securely in this handgun safe and right where you need them. What a safe does is buy you time. ONNAIS gun safe will help you access the handgun safe quickly when you need them the most and bring you more time.
  • Advanced Biometric Technology: ONNAIS gun safes for pistols are equipped with biometric fingerprint technology which is a proven method that is accurate and securer than traditional keypad lock and ensures single-handed access to your firearm. A high-resolution fingerprint scanner allows fewer 1.0s to access your valuables quickly. Besides, the fingerprint lock can store 30 user fingerprints at most for access by multiple users.
  • Tough and High Capacity: Our handgun safe has solid steel construction and anti-corrosion for increased durability and ultimate protection. The door is also pry-resistant and is powered by four AA batteries. Also, there is enough space to hold two standard size regular frame pistols or a lot of small items. The interior is padded with soft foam to prevent scratches.
  • Portable and Three-Way Access: With portable design, you can keep this gun safe in a drawer, cabinet, luggage, or nooks and also place it at home, car, nightstand, or some other spot that's easy for you to use as a bedside handgun safe. ONNAIS biometric gun safe for pistols offers convenient 3-way access. Apart from the biometric option, you have keypad locks and 2 backup override keys which will make sure you can always access your guns.
  • Protect Your ONNAIS: We are committed to offering a high-quality product for our customers and making them satisfied. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. We're dedicated to giving you a satisfactory solution. Exterior Dimensions : 11.49" x 9.17" x 3.07", Interior Dimensions 10.63" x 6.69" x 2.91"